The Poor Date Chronicles: Kindly Stop Teasing Me

I give consideration to my self a sarcastic person. I’m able to get a tale, and that I really can dish it out. Fast wit is among the characteristics I appreciate most in a person, and I think it is attractive an individual can keep with my lame laughs and pop music tradition sources.

My personal very first go out with Seth moved perfectly. He picked a fantastic area – a restaurant with a gorgeous roof bar and tasty margaritas. We came across upwards after work and our talk flowed effortlessly. We’d already emailed on plus talked on cellphone, but we did not lack factors to mention. We chatted about work and school and household as well as broached the taboo topic of religion and politics. (We disagreed adequate to incite an intelligent debate.)

I moved home that night stoked up about another day and wanting to know a lot more about this guy.

Date Number 2 was going to be a baseball video game, before weather condition derailed our very own programs. Versus getting the possibilities with all the rain, we oriented to a sports bar to look at it on television and drink cheaper alcohol. Things started to crash and burn off very nearly straight away.

Since I ended up being the one which proposed avoiding the water, Seth provided me with difficulty regarding the water moving and all the folks having a great time in the online game. Absolutely nothing as well really serious, just joking about and saying it absolutely was my personal fault we had been passing up on all of the enjoyable. I can handle a little teasing, no hassle!

He then held heading. And heading. And heading. The guy held opting for 4 several hours, generating tiny little laughs exactly how I found myself at fault for him missing the game, why wasn’t we ingesting sufficient, etc. In his mind, I’m sure they certainly were intended in jest. I really feel the guy thought he was being funny, but an individual can just endure that kind of torture for a long time, and four hours ended up being my limit.

The guy thought the big date went well, probably because I was brilliant at smiling while suffering. His followup attempts to set up Date number 3 happened to be met with a very loud, resounding NO THANKS from me. While I do love a guy with a feeling of humor, there’s a distinction between playfully teasing somebody and flat-out generating fun of them.

Thus gentlemen (and ladies): if you’re deciding on “playfully teasing” some one for four hours directly, I highly suggest rethinking that.